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The wonderfully cluttered set by Josh Shaw is clearly a writer’s workroom, crammed with folders, manuscripts, newspapers, and clippings and full of wonderful detail.

The action takes place on Josh Shaw’s most appropriate set depicting Ruth’s Greenwich Village apartment.   The space is a clutter of overflowing bookcases, piles of newspapers scattered on the floor, notebooks and notepads piled up on her desk and coffee table - truly the home of someone more interested in creativity than good housekeeping.

Designed by Josh Shaw, this Todd works wonders with a small stage, and the large chorus, like the orchestra, helps give it a big-production feel.

Shaw’s stage set is resourceful and practical in the small space.  Shaw neatly solves the logistics problem with a foldable hospital gurney and a children’s playground chute to whisk the victims from the barbershop loft to the basement of the meat-pie establishment below.  --LA Splash

Così fan tutte

Set and costume design

Don Giovanni

Set and costume design

La traviata

Set design

Sweeney Todd

Set design

Trouble in Tahiti

Set and costume design

La bohème

Set and costume design

More Operas

The telephone, La voix humaine, Lucia di Lammermoor, Carmen , Tosca, Dido and Aeneas



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